A Easy Sound Amplifier With Double Power Supply

This simple sound amplifier may be built at residence with couple of aspects. You must utilize it at residence or in a vehicle with the 12V automobile battery as power supply. The maker’s model is verified in Fig. 1 whereas the circuit representation is verified in Fig. 2.

Fig. 1: Author’s prototype on a breadboard
Fig. 1: Designer’s model on a breadboard

The circuit consists of step-down transformer X1, bridge rectifier BR1, 12V voltage regulatory authority IC LM7812, amplifier IC LA4440, 20W speaker LS1, and also couple of various aspects. Capacitors C1 and also C7 relevant throughout the schedule terminals are utilized to reduce ripples/noise signs.

Acquire PCB and also Aspect Framework PDFs: click right below

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S.C. Dwivedi is an electronic devices fanatic and also circuit developer at EFY