Balkan Ecology Task: The Polyculture Task – Woodland Yard Layout – 650 m2 (7000 ft2)

Woodland Gardens are an exceptional method to generate food and also various other sources for people while improving biodiversity by giving a variety of environments for wild animals within the layout. They are extremely delightful to layout, communicate and also develop with and also producing a woodland yard is an intellectual quest in addition to a physical one. It resembles a living, 3D amorphous challenge that you can consume: )

Throughout this message, we’ll profile a 650m2 woodland yard layout that we began in among our test yards. You’ll discover a review of the layout, a types checklist with fruiting and also blooming schedules, the watering strategy, and also some information on just how we developed the yard.

Ekpyrōsis – Layout Goals and also Website Specifications

The function of the yard is to generate fruits and also seasonal veggies with all fertility, to sustain development, created within the yard (past preliminary set up inputs.), and also to supply a variety of environments to sustain wild animals.

Our objective was to motivate the existing biodiversity as long as feasible and also supply brand-new environment that would certainly improve the variety of microorganisms that communicate and also live in with the website. An additional objective is to use the incline of the land and also existing water resource to water the yard using a basic gravity-fed system making use of water drawn away right into the location from a neighboring hill stream.

Yard Specs

Place: Bulgaria, Shipka

Environment: Warm

Köppen Environment Category – Dfc borderline Cfb

USDA Strength Area: 5b – 7a

Latitude: 42 °

Altitude: 574 m

Ordinary Yearly Rain: 588.5 mm

Dominating Wind: NW & & NE

Yard Call: Ekpyrosis

Yard Location: 652m2

The listed below picture gives a review of yard layout and also highlights the different areas within the yard i.e Effective, Assistance, Indigenous Hedge, and also Marsh Spot. The Effective area is where the plants will certainly be focused, and also the assistance area will certainly consist of plants that repair nitrogen and also/ or supply pollination assistance. The Indigenous Hedge is currently well developed on the website and also will certainly be left mainly uninterrupted in addition to cutting the sides to avoid infringement right into the efficient area. The marsh spot is s microhabitat created to draw in assistance animals such as bug killers and also pollinators.

Just Like every one of our layouts, prior to choosing any kind of types and also selecting the design for this yard we carry out a collection of studies. You can review these studies in a previous message right here.

We’re very delighted regarding running the program and also expect giving you with the self-confidence, possibility, and also ideas to layout, develop and also take care of regenerative landscapes, yards, and also ranches that generate food and also various other sources for people while improving biodiversity.

This is an one-of-a-kind online discovering experience – regarding we understand, the extremely initial of its kind. If you are thinking about reasons you must do this program and also whether this program appropriates for you, have a look right here. Eagerly anticipating it!
The types checklist is classified right into woodland yard layers i.e Cover, Bush, Natural Herb, Light Bulb, and also Aquatic, and also does not consist of every one of the indigenous plants that are currently expanding on the website that the types listed here will certainly be incorporated right into.

You can discover our baby room accounts of a lot of the plants made use of in this layout in the web links listed below.

Fruiting and also Blooming Schedule

This table suggests when the plants will certainly bloom and also fruit or supply food. It’s preferable in this situation to have blooming and also edibility spread throughout the year.


Water gets in the yard using drawn away circulation from a neighboring hill stream from the north (see water inlet in the listed below image) The network is serpentine running throughout the efficient area and also ultimately draining pipes right into the reduced assistance area

The serpentine network is flanked by 2 50 centimeters broad beds and also a 50 centimeters path as received the listed below representation.

Structure the Yard

According to our treatment for yard layout, prior to we started any kind of deal with the yard we researched and also taped the indigenous plants of the location, making regular monthly plants studies in between April and also September.
A tiny choice of floral perennials expanding in the yard location, Gallery from the complete studies can be discovered right here

Complying with the plants studies, we made a topography study on the website to develop the shape lines that would certainly be our standards for the watering networks, gain access to, and also beds. As soon as we had the shapes noted we secured out the location to show where the paths, beds, networks, and also micro-wetland would certainly be.

To develop the beds, we reviewed the dirt with a wide fork to alleviate compaction and after that dug the water network making use of a mattock. Dirt eliminated from the networks is put on the bed locations as a first layer. We include a layer of garden compost, compost, and also card greatly with straw, resulting in a 25 -35 centimeters deep layer of natural issue covering the bed locations.


In the center of the bed design is a miniature wetland/marsh environment that is essentially a rectangle-shaped location that we removed, lined with an impenetrable membrane layer, backfilled with rocks and also sand, and also grown with numerous various emergent water plants. I’m uncertain just how efficient this will certainly be, yet the purpose is to supply a microhabitat for the yard that will certainly draw in frogs, dragonflies, and also various other water microorganisms.

We removed a location of approx. 1.2 m 5m and also broad lengthy and also 25 centimeters deep, removed every one of the sharp rocks from the pit, and also lined this with tri-laminate LDPE lining (an offcut from some fish pond lining we made use of in a fish pond a couple of years back). We loaded the lining with a layer of stones and also river sand and also placed 4 cut barrel bases approx 25 centimeters high and also 50 centimeters size right into the fill. The function of the barrels is to supply swimming pools of water for birds and also pets to consume alcohol from and also frogs to lay generate. We circulated numerous marginal/emergent water plants from our wild animals fish ponds and also grew these straight right into the sand. We put rocks around the sides and also some bigger rocks in the sand to supply excellent basking locations for reptiles. The objective is for the micro-wetland to supply environment assistance for wild animals such as dragonflies, frogs, and also hoverfly larvae which must assist manage bugs in the yard. For much more on wild animals, fish ponds see our previous articles – Tiny Fish Pond Installations for Watering and also Wild Animals – Component 1

Below’s a forecast of just how the yard will certainly develop with time.

Yard Update

Prior to Fall happened the entire yard was struck by swine foraging the fairly damp deep compost, probably to consume the worms and also grubs that had actually been collecting in the breaking down product. On the silver lining, it would certainly have been a whole lot even worse after we grew the yard. Boar, Deer, and also residential pets have actually been an issue on our stories on the eastern side of Shipka so we have actually given that placed secure fencing up and also will certainly have an additional pass by obtaining this yard expanding.

Uncovering the Boar strike

Unique Many Thanks to every one of the individuals of our Woodland Yard Layout Program, Misha, Phillip, Shahara, Ronan, and also Lia for your assistance in structure this yard!

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