Congratulations to Courtenay– the laboratory’s initial finishing PhD trainee– Macrosystems Ecology Research Laboratory

Courtenay Ray is finishing this springtime after beginning in the laboratory in 2017. Her job has actually concentrated on plant area ecology as well as varieties communications (particularly those including seeds) on Mt. Baldy in southwestern Colorado.

Recently Courtenay was chosen to provide the recognized lecture by a college student to the ESPM area. She provided an excellent workshop as well as will certainly be strolling in our college graduation event in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations to Courtenay for her superb argumentation job! I will certainly miss her when she goes on from our area, as well as am happy to her for all her payments to expanding the laboratory as well as establishing. Many thanks additionally to her board, as well as all the partners as well as pupils that have actually added to her growth as an environmentalist.

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