New Topic Editor: Florian Altermatt

26 September 2022

I am Teacher of Aquatic Ecology at College of Zurich and also Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Scientific Research and also Innovation. My research study is centred around spatial ecology, with a concentrate on water systems. I am specifically thinking about the research study of reasons and also repercussions of biodiversity in riverine environments, making use of large area researches with amphipods, protist microcosm experiments, and also academic modelling. In parallel, I am, along with my research study team, progressing ecological DNA (eDNA)- based strategies for the evaluation of biodiversity. I am making use of the meta-ecosystem principle to examine results of source changes throughout turquoise environments, making use of speculative, academic and also relative strategies. An essential passion of myself is to be proactively associated with advertising expertise exchange on biodiversity at the user interface of scientific research with plan and also method.

Key Phrases: Marine Ecology, Spatial ecology, Metacommunity ecology, Metaecosystem ecology, Biodiversity, Environmental DNA

Twitter: @altermattlab