Production slim layer of perforated silicone

Hey there,

I am presently in the procedure of making as well as little range manufacturing of a foam injury clothing. I have actually connected images for quality. The concern has actually been the silicone. The clinical quality silicone should be perforated as well as slim to enable exudate from the injury to move right into the foam. The objective of the silicone is for non-adherence to the injury.

What is the very best method to produce the slim silicone layers? I have actually presently been doing it by taking advantage of a 3D published mold and mildew. Exists a much better method?

Additionally what is the very best method to “adhesive” the silicone layer to the foam? I need to utilize the least quantity of products as feasible considering that it does challenging EU/FDA conformity audits.

Any kind of aid or advice in the direction of the appropriate sources will certainly be much valued.