System ideas for arranging “V” created metal products

Hey there everyone,
I have actually a taking on the area I need to kind 1000’s of metal products produced from springtime steel, which can be all created as “V”‘s. I have actually thought-about a number of ideas – nevertheless was looking for some get in as an outcome of none of my ideas so far are that trustworthy.

So … the V’s are all the similar measurement.
produced from springtime steel (magnetic)
are produced from level stock (about 0.2″ large, and also 0.05″ thick, with 2″ legs on either side of the V, curved at concerning 30 degrees.

They’re provided in a container, mixed up in a gigantic mess.
I intend to have the capacity to kind them so every one of them pile nicely, one inside the contrary, preferably mechanically. Preferably I want to not utilize a prescient and also creative system, robot arms, or something cost extensive.

I have actually thought-about problems like a magnetic “nail placement” system, however I do not intend that addresses the problem …
I have actually furthermore thought-about allowing them drop a tilted hardly rubbing generating airplane,. really hoping that they may self orient right into descending taking care of arrowheads.

Anyone have any kind of ideas? Any type of equivalent devices for different features that do that?

Many thanks ahead of time!