Texas Instruments TPS25961 100mΩ eFuse

Texas Instruments TPS25961 100mΩ eFuse is an incorporated FET hot-swap tool integrated to develop a very incorporated circuit defense as well as power administration service. The TPS25961 includes numerous defense settings making use of really couple of outside parts as well as is a durable protection versus overloads, brief circuits, voltage rises, as well as too much inrush present.

The TI TPS25961 outcome present limitation degree is established with a solitary outside resistor. The inrush current is handled making use of outcome multitude price control inside. The eFuse has a choice to on the surface establish a user-defined overvoltage cutoff limit or make use of a repaired interior limit. This alternative secures an input overvoltage problem.

The TPS25961 is identified for procedure over a joint temperature level series of– 40 ° C to +125 ° C as well as is offered in a tiny, 2mm x 2mm boy bundle.


  • 2.7 V to 19V Wide input voltage array
  • Overvoltage defense with a reaction time of 1.3 μs (common).
    • 5.98 V (common) Dealt with interior limit
    • Flexible limit making use of an outside resistor divider panel
  • Overcurrent defense:.
    • 0.1 A to 2A Flexible present limitation threshold
    • Present limitation precision:.
      • ± 20% (common) throughout the present array
      • ± 18% (optimum) at 1.45 A present limitation, T A = 25 ° C
  • Reduced on-resistance Ron = 106mΩ (common)
  • Energetic high make it possible for input with flexible undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Short-circuit defense with a reaction time of 5μs (common)
  • 5.17 V/ms (common) Result multitude price control (dVdt)
  • Overtemperature defense (OTP)
  • Auto-retry after mistake
  • 130μA (common) Reduced quiescent present
  • UL 2367 acknowledgment (pending)
  • IEC 62368 CB accreditation (pending)
  • Little impact of 2mm x 2mm boy bundle

Application Schematic