The Criminal Side of Cybersecurity in addition to HIPAA – Audio Variant of the Webinar

Expert audio speaker, Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, significant with Rachel V. Rose– Attorney at Regulations, P.L.L.C., Houston, TX reviews us throughout this fascinating in addition to vital webinar. Offenses in addition to the lack of the requisite technical, monitoring, in addition to physical safeguards can have criminal consequences. While many people acknowledge with civil circumstances, there is the opportunity for HIPAA offenses in addition to ransomware attacks to be prosecuted criminally. The feature of this webinar is to highlight possible areas of criminal responsibility, give certain circumstances, in addition to address decrease techniques– both before in addition to after a federal government expedition need or grand court subpoena occurs.

This webinar will definitely cover the following functions:

1. Scenarios where criminal responsibility could happen under HIPAA in addition to connected laws.

2. The value of understanding HIPAA’s cops in addition to whistleblower exception.

3. Decrease elements to think about in relation to consistency, threat management, in addition to federal government components.