Vehicle lift enables citizens to drive right into Bentley’s Miami Coastline high-rise homes

Sieger Suarez Architects and also Dezer Growth have actually launched video footage outlining the style of a lift that will certainly enable citizens to drive lorries straight right into homes on all degrees of the 61-storey high-rise in Miami Coastline.

The Bentley Residences is a joint job in between Sieger Suarez Architects (SSA), Bentley and also Dezer Growth.

Bentley Residences in Miami Coastline will certainly have a practical auto lift

SSA thought of the idea for the auto lift, which was after that patented by Dezer Advancement under the name the “Dezervator”.

Each device of the 749-foot (228 metre) high-rise will certainly have a 3- or four-car garage affixed straight to it, which can be accessed by among 4 lifts accessed from the very beginning.

Bentley Residences car elevator in garage
It will certainly take citizens’ lorries straight to in-apartment garages

” We are in charge of the transport procedure of the car, specifically the following: just how you choose the auto up and also down payment it in the garage, the general lift procedure, and also safety and security,” claimed SAA head of state Charles Sieger.

” The special aspect of the ‘Dezervator’ is that it takes you to your flooring in your auto and also interlocks with the garage flooring upon arrival.”

Miami Beach skyscraper by Sieger Suarez Architects
The high-rise developed by Sieger Suarez Architects will certainly be 61-storeys high

At the reduced degrees, the lifts will certainly be confined in glass to ensure that guests can see the general public rooms of the structure with the home windows of their lorries.

Citizen’s lorries will certainly be fitted with RFID sticker labels that sign up with a scanning system. The system will certainly after that direct chauffeurs using a collection of lights to the correct lift, which will certainly take them straight to their homes.

Bentley Residences from the ground floor
4 lifts will certainly run the elevation of the tower

The garages will certainly be furnished with EV billing terminals along with extra storage space, and also the lifts will certainly have the ability to turn the lorries depending upon which end requires to be accessed.

” The tough component for us was safety and security,” claimed Sieger. ” The ‘Dezervator’ moves individuals straight, so we need to guarantee they are secured their lorries securely.”

Bentley Residences from the beach
It will certainly have a diamond-patterned exterior

Yet to begin on website, the high-rise is the initial top quality household job by the British car producer and also is readied to be finished in 2026.

The framework of the structure is oval-shaped, and also the private homes have oblong forms too as a result of the huge quantity of glass frontage that it supplies.

Bentley Residences balcony rendering
The framework enables extensive verandas

” I developed the strategies of the systems, however Gil [Dezer] had the concept to include and also make use of ruby glass for the skin of the structure. It has actually been an extensive procedure,” claimed Sieger.

” The diamond-shaped glass covers the sides of the structure. It enables each huge patio area to have a layer of glass as opposed to the barrier overlapping the veranda to shield you from the wind.”

Sieger claimed that along with the lifts, the verandas of the structure are notable, with each occupying regarding half the square video footage of the homes.

Each balcony will certainly have an exclusive pool, outside shower, cooking area, and also living space location.

Bentley Residences interior
Michael Wolk is developing the insides

SSA was accountable for the framework, while developer Michael Wolk will certainly manage the insides and also Bentley will certainly establish the furnishings and also has actually provided viewpoints on style information throughout the procedure.

” Every person’s top priority throughout the growth procedure has actually been to make use of as much DNA of the Bentley lorries as feasible,” claimed Sieger.

SSA is in charge of various other large tasks in Miami, consisting of the intended Waldorf Astoria, which when finished will certainly be the city’s initial supertall high-rise.