Want Help! If taken care of from mach3

, my VFD Not getting to most rate.
Hello there everyone,
I have actually the YL620-A Mannequin VFD, and also I associated that to my controller (Geckodrive G540), and also miraculous rate I can obtain also that I start the pin on many rate in mach3 is 3682 out of 4000,
On the asking I thought its as an outcome of I utilized a slim cable television to connect in between the controller and also vfd for the 10V VI1 GND, after which I associated a thick cable television that intended to take advantage of for house power 220v however it certainly however was the exact most rate (3682 ),
the exact amount was gotten to at max, so its not the cable television, no idea what else to try,

btw If I monitoring the rate from panel potentiometer it allows me obtain 4000.
P00.01 = 1
P07.08 = 3

P03.13 = 4000
and also still have disadvantage with when attaching my VFD to the capacity, it displays me Emergency room.10, examined it out at guidebooks it states Disadvantage with Get in power, and also I did check out the go into power, its great, there’s absolutely nothing inappropriate with the go into power,

after that I merely push PRGM switch and also its skips the mistake and also all things else function great, idk merely bothersome.

can be joyous for aid, many thanks

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