Why xHE-AAC is being accepted at Meta

  • We’re sharing just how Meta provides high-grade sound at range with the xHE-AAC sound codec.
  • xHE-AAC has actually currently been released on Facebook and also Instagram to give boosted sound for attributes like Reels and also Stories.

At Meta, we offer every media make use of instance you can possibly imagine for billions of individuals throughout the globe– from short-form, user-generated material, such as Reels, to costs video clip as needed (VOD) and also live programs Offered this, we require a next-generation sound codec that sustains a variety of running factors with superb compression performance and also contemporary, system-level sound attributes.

To deal with these demands currently and also right into the future, Meta has actually accepted xHE-AAC as the automobile for supplying high-grade sound at range.

The advantages of xHE-AAC

xHE-AAC is the most recent participant of the MPEG AAC sound codec family members. The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS played a significant duty in the advancement of xHE-AAC and also the MPEG-D DRC criterion.

Today, xHE-AAC is currently offering a premium sound experience on Facebook and also Instagram– consisting of on Reels and also Stories— and also has a variety of useful attributes.

Volume administration

With thousands of countless uploads each day throughout Facebook and also Instagram, we get audio tracks with volume degrees varying from silence to complete range, and also whatever in between.

When individuals play these video clips sequentially, they can view some sound as being also peaceful or also loud. This produces audience exhaustion from needing to continuously change the quantity.

xHE-AAC codec at Meta

xHE-AAC’s incorporated volume administration system addresses for volume incongruity while diligently maintaining designer intent by bringing the typical volume of all sessions to the very same target degree and also handling the vibrant series of each session to fit the playback atmosphere.

Rather than burning in a certain target degree and also vibrant variety compression (DRC) account throughout inscribing, xHE-AAC permits us to leave the initial sound attributes unblemished and also delegate volume administration handling to the customer using volume metadata, for the optimum sound experience based upon context.

xHE-AAC codec at Meta

As an outcome of xHE-AAC’s volume administration, individuals can invest even more time submersed in their preferred material and also much less time adjusting the quantity control.

Flexible little bit price sound

Lots of people that utilize our applications take in media on smart phones and also anticipate the highest possible audio top quality without disruption. This provides an obstacle for streaming media since link top quality differs on mobile and also can lead to a really irregular individual experience.

xHE-AAC codec at Meta

To enhance top quality under vibrant transmission capacity restrictions, we create several video clip and also sound high qualities to match differing network problems at playback time. Although we create several sound lanes, we have actually traditionally just used flexible little bit price (ABR) formulas to switch over video clip high qualities throughout playback since it’s tough to make it possible for flexible little bit price sound without endangering top quality throughout lane changes.

In order to make it possible for smooth sound ABR, xHE-AAC presents the principle of prompt playout structures (IPFs) which contain all the information needed to begin playing a brand-new sound lane without counting on information from various other structures. By putting an IPF at the start of each Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASHBOARD) sector and also straightening the sector periods of each lane, we can perfectly switch over in between audio lanes throughout playback to give the first-rate sound at any kind of offered transmission capacity while staying clear of playback stalls.

xHE-AAC codec at Meta

After introducing audio ABR on Facebook for Android, we had the ability to enhance individual experience by lowering the variety of sessions where playback delays.

Just how we released xHE-AAC

We produce xHE-AAC bitstreams making use of an encoder SDK offered by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, and afterwards prepare the resulting sound declare dashboard streaming with shaka-packager. The xHE-AAC encoder’s two-pass inscribing setting is utilized to determine the input volume envelope and also typical program volume on the initial pass and also execute the real audio information compression on the 2nd pass. As an included advantage, two-pass inscribing permits us to make use of volume variety control (LRAC) DRC, which alleviates pumping artefacts or else presented by single-pass DRC formulas. xHE-AAC codec at Meta

To prepare an xHE-AAC sound adjustment established for ABR shipment, IPFs are put at continuous time periods, audio arrangement specifications such as example price and also network arrangement are maintained continuous, and also distinct stream identifiers are picked for every lane in the audio adjustment collection.

At playback time, we custom-fit the sound to the paying attention atmosphere by setting up a target volume degree and also DRC impact kind based upon context, and also many thanks to the ingrained volume metadata, we can adjust a solitary xHE-AAC bitstream to a selection of audio intake usage situations, from earphones to tool audio speakers and also different degrees of history sound. If the customer is deprived for information or transmission capacity is abundant, audio ABR will instantly switch over audio high qualities to make sure that the highest possible audio top quality is played without disturbing the playback session.

Where can you experience xHE-AAC today?

You can experience xHE-AAC sound on Facebook for iphone and also Android, in addition to on targeted surface areas on Instagram, such as Reels and also Stories We motivate you to mount the most recent variation of Facebook and also Instagram applications on iphone 13+ and also Android 9+ to make sure that you can experience it.


This job is the cumulative outcome of the whole Video clip Facilities and also Instagram Media System groups at Meta in partnership with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. The writer would love to expand unique many thanks to Abhishek Gera, Tim Harris, Arun Kotiedath, Edward Li, Meng Li, Srinivas Lingutla, Denise Noyes, Mohanish Penta, David Ronca, Haixia Shi, Mike Starr, Cosmin Stejerean, Simha Venkataramaiah, Juehui Zhang, Runshen Zhu, and also the design group at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.